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Who IS Rose Dempsey?


My AVON Story

How it all came about

Who would have thought that AVON would become such a huge part of my life? Certainly not me, back in October of 2006. I loved AVON's perfumes and body lotions, but selling and becoming an AVON Rep was far from on my mind.

I was working in a call center, but already having issues with the litany of genetic issues that my forebears had so kindly passed down to me. The osteoarthritis and osteoporosis were wreaking havoc with my knees and hips, but due to issues with anaesthesia, replacement was not an option. I tottered rather than walked, and used anything in my path, as a means to support myself - a desk, a wall, whatever was available.

We had an AVON man at work, he was selling to save for his daughter to go to college. I used to spend maybe $40-$50 every few weeks. He loved me, I was a very good, regular customer. When he left I was without a rep.

About 6 months later, my hubby came home from work and said that one of the ladies there was selling AVON, "get me  a book!" I told him. He duly did as I asked, and I bought from Victoria for another couple of years. Then her dad got sick, she needed her job with the insurance and other benefits, but after work she became a full-time carer to her dad. "I'm sorry, Rose," she told me, "something's got to give, I'm quitting AVON".

I was without a rep again!

At that time, I was going to a local Curves gym, simply trying to retain the mobility I had. I saw a bookmark about opening your own AVON account. I decided that would be good for me, I'd be able to get my "smellies" again, and I'd get a discount on them too.

I  called the number and the lady gave me her address and told me to come on over. We talked and took care of all the paperwork to get me started, and then she began talking about growing a business, and I told her that I wasn't really interested in that, just in getting my AVON products again and that the discount was an added plus.

When she told me that the vehicle I had passed, in her garage, was the third that she had purchased with her "AVON money", my whole world changed. I knew this was something I could do.

AVON now helps me pay household bills every 2 weeks. It helped pay for a Land Rover Discovery II who I named Sebastian and drove for about 10 years before giving him to a friend for her daughter. It helped pay for a cabin-style shed that I made into an AVON office, plus numerous dinners, theater trips, clothes and extras along the way.

I'm disabled. AVON is my income, it has replaced what I used to earn in the call center (which I'd had to quit in 2007 due to my worsening health).

For almost 4 years, I worked my business from my bed due to my issues with pain and mobility.

AVON has been a lifesaver for me, it gave me back my self esteem and has allowed me to work around my issues and still be successful.

Learn More

If you would like to join my AVON family, it's very easy to do!

Simply go to and use referral code "rosemarydempsey" in the spot where it asks. 

You will fill out the information, choose which of the 3 gifts best meets your needs ( and pay your $35 one-time joining fee) by debit or credit card, to get started.

AVON will then assign you an account number and you will be a new AVON representative, with your own online store and web office.

I will be here to help and encourage you, so that you can have fun, make extra money and/or create a new career.