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Who IS Rose Dempsey?

About Me

I love helping the community

Me, at Mauldin PD donating Herbie the Hedgehogs that can be given out to children at traumatic calls

A recent delivery of Herbie Hedgehogs to Mauldin PD, to be given to children where the PD are called to traumatic incidents.  I LOVE what I do!

My Community


I love helping people. I have tried to do it all my life. I love helping my AVON customers save money, my team members grow and advance it title, and am always willing to answer questions or brainstorm about AVON and my other passions

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I'm a  disabled great grandmother, who loves life, writes poetry, loves delving into the lives of the people who lived before me, and people and places. I'm passionate about many things, and my blog encompasses all of my pleasures. I still have heroes and dreams of success, and I work towards them daily. I have a weird and crazy sense of humour and traces of my English accent still exist.