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Who IS Rose Dempsey?

Some of my faith based poetry


Why did He take six days?

I awoke one night
from deepest sleep
with so profound a thought,
and with a gentle prod,
woke up my husband lightly,
and to him the question brought.
In the darkness and
the still of night,
the thought preyed on my mind;
I was searching for an answer
from the dawning of mankind.
For God,
omnipotent creator,
Father since before the Earth began,
in creating the world and all within
approached it as a man.
He moulded heaven
and the Earth,
land mass and salted sea,
then plants, tall trees, the moon and stars,
the sun, then you and me.
And the question
that formed in my mind
that night, as in my bed I lay, was this -
He being so omnipotent,
why did he take six days?
He could have done it
all at once
for He has that power, we know.
So why did he take six days
to create this world?
Does anybody kno

Christmas Poem

I wrote this for a Christmas church service in 2002

We remember the birth of a babe this day,
born in a stable, his bed filled with hay,
heralded by angels and searched for by kings
but whose life would be full of much simpler things.

His mother, Mary, a woman of faith and trust,
His father, Joseph, a carpenter, honest and just -
for although nigh to Mary he had not been
God told him to take her to wife, in a dream.

And so they were wed and began their life,
Joseph - the carpenter - and Mary, his wife.
And came the time close when her confinement would be
and out of Judaea there came a decree.

A census was ordered, taxation was due,
families must to the towns of their births return to,
and so to unto Bethlehem Joseph did start,
with Mary, a donkey, and his own heavy heart.

The town was so full with those who had returned
refreshment flowed heavy and the lighted lamps burned,
yet despite diligent searching, Joseph found not a bed
for Mary, his wife, and his heart filled with dread.

A lowly innkeeper took pity on the pair
although he had no room that they might share,
but showing a stable said it was all that he had
and for that they were thankful and exceedingly glad.

And that night was the night our Lord was born,
under twinkling stars before the dawn,
in a lowly stable in Bethlehem
he came to save the world of men.

In fields, the shepherds a vision saw
angels sent them to see the babe in straw,
and three kings travelled from far away,
to worship their new born king that day.

And from that first Christmas, stemmed love divine
a love so pure to last all time,
for God's only son was born you see
To die for the sins of you and me.

God's greatest gift, his only son,
as seers had foretold, to this world did come.
and so we remember the birth of a babe this day
born in a stable, his bed filled with hay,
heralded by angels and searched for by kings
but whose life would be full of much simpler things. 

Let Me Be A Light In The Darkness

Let me be a light in the darkness,
let my wisdom be calming in stormy waters
and my voice, gentle, to soothe the sore.
Let me be a balm on festering discontent
and a bandage to deeper wounds.
In my smile, let there be sunshine
to brighten the dullest day
and let my joy be infectious,
that others may catch it
and seize it as theirs.
And let my sorrow and sadness
fly away,
never tarrying long enough
to touch the souls of others.
Allow only good to come from me
that all whom I touch
may feel my love and respect,
but leave my pain to
dissipate on the wind,
powerless to harm them;
and let me give it no credence,
for then it has no power over me.  

Into Jerusalem

Into Jerusalem, our Lord did ride
o'er palm trees strewn on dusty streets.
Upon a donkey with gentle stride,
into Jerusalem He did go.

And the multitudes jostled, they called out his name,
"Hallelujah's" rang out as they strained to touch -
yet, the following week would be these same
who called for His death upon the cross.

Our Lord of Lords and King of Kings
retained His goodness to the end,
and wept for those who once did sing,
asking His Father to forgive them.

Upon the cross, our sins he bore
though nails did tear his hands and feet,
and told he to the robbers two
that His Father in Heaven, they would meet.

In memory of our Lord's great gift,
it is up to us to proclaim His love -
to forgive the sins and heal the rifts -
in the name of He who reigns above. 

Easter Poem

No nails that tore into His flesh,
nor spear that pierced His wounded side
could stop the love our Lord did show
as he gave His life in sacrifice.

He died that we might be forgiven
of earthly weakness and human sins;
That eternal life would be His gift -
that through His death we all might live.

Yet 't is not a time of sadness but of joy,
our Lord arose, that we might all rejoice.
He showed that death can have no hold
if our faith holds strong, in our Father's love.

So, celebrate we now that Christ is risen,
and that He lives within our hearts.
Celebrate we this greatest gift
and into the world, his love impart.  

More coming soon!

I hope you enjoy my poetry