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Who IS Rose Dempsey?

My Main Interests

The Poysers

My great grandfather, Samuel Poyser

This is my maternal grandmother's paternal line. She was born a Poyser and I have now tracked her family from Blore in the 1700s to Plaistow/Canning Town where she was born, and they lived in the mid-20th Century

The Lewises

My granpop, Edward Lewis, and his brother George, taken late 1920s or early 1930s

A difficult family to track, on my maternal grandfather's paternal line. Very common names and lots of families with the same names in them, in the same area. My progress has been slow

The Hunts

Mary Ann Hunt, known as Polly. Married Sam Poyser, and became my nan's mother

My maternal grandmother's mother was a Hunt, born and raised in Canning Town. 

The Burtons


My granpop's mother was born a Burton. She was born and raised in the area known as The Old Nichol, one of London's most notorious slums, at the time.

The Halestraps


Honor Halestrap married Henry Poyser but the Halestraps are turning out to be quite fascinating

Exploring the places and people


My origins have come from a wide range of people and places, and I'm delving into them more and more. The journey is fascinating, the findings are exciting and I wish I could travel back in time and talk to these people.

Contact me

If you are researching any of the following families, I would love to hear from you: Lewis (Bethnal Green, Hackney, Shoreditch areas_ Poyser (Plaistow/Canning Town, Hull, Blore) Halestrap (The Hadhams) or any of the families that married into them. I am on Ancestry so you can see if my families intercept with yours